September 22

You’re Not Broken If You Don’t Like Counting Calories


Just because counting calories worked for me does not mean it will necessarily be the right approach for you.


The best method for you to successfully apply a calorie deficit will depend on your personality and your lifestyle.


If you are counting calories and when you realise you are going to go over your total, you go into sabotage mode, then this is not for you.


If you have been trying to track calories for years and are not getting anywhere, then it is time to try something else.


There are many options:


  • A Strict Set Of Rules
  • A Range Of Options Along With The Tools To Implement Them
  • A Daily Calorie Target, Allowing Flexibility During That Day
  • A Weekly Calorie Target, Allowing Flexibility Over A Week
  • Weekly Habits
  • Example Meal Guide
  • Intermittent Fasting*
  • Eating Either Higher Fat, Lower Carb or The Reverse
  • Using Portion Size Guides
  • Working With A Coach


All these methods can be successful for different people.


Below is the portion size guide that we use for clients, others are available on the web.


The top half is for men and the lower for women. I’m sorry it has not come out totally clearly here, but hopefully you will see the idea.



*If you are using Intermittent Fasting, just be careful not to get too hungry and then overeat at your other meals.


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