February 2

You Don’t Need Kale On Your Cornflakes


Do not put so much pressure on yourself to eat healthily!

Remember, there is no such thing as a ‘good’ or a ‘bad’ food.

It is all about the overall diet.

There are some things around ‘healthy’ diets that are worth thinking about;

There are the so called ‘blue zones’ around the World where people live to 100 or more.

But, a lot of them have similarities that are not related to diet;

  • People are physically active
  • People are socially active
  • They have purpose throughout life
  • Plenty of natural sunlight
  • Good sleep
  • Smoking is rare

When it does come to nutrition though, these things are worth bearing in mind:

  • They do not eat more than they need
  • They eat from the land, food that they have grown or produced
  • Eating no processed food

At Next Step Nutrition we do not believe in restricting or banning foods, because if you are too strict, you are more likely to trip up and fail.

However, it is important to know trans saturated fats, present in a lot of processed food, are man made.

It is definitely worth looking to reduce foods high in these fats.

We would recommend aiming for an 80/20 balance.

Try to eat around 80% more natural, unprocessed foods, these tend to be lower calorie.

Then have 20% of more processed foods. These are often higher calorie, with a higher fat content.

Remember though, that foods like pizza and chocolate, are just a combination of ingredients, none of which are inherently ‘bad’!

So, we need to stop putting so much pressure on ourselves, stop judging the food that we eat.

If we feel bad about what we eat, we often make it worse.

Much better to allow yourself a small amount of these foods and be compassionate with yourself if you go a bit overboard.

We are all human.

Instead of setting yourself ‘restriction’ goals;

Set yourself ‘actionable’ goals that you can achieve, such as:

  • An extra portion of fruit
  • An extra portion of protein
  • 5 minutes more sleep
  • 10 minutes more walking

Aim for small improvements and you will find yourself succeeding.


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