September 15

Will Gymshark Carry On Normalising Fitness?


Some of you may have seen my post last week on Instagram.


Gymshark had posted a picture of a perfectly normal, healthy person, who did not have a totally ripped, perfect body, in gym gear.


I think it is a really good and positive thing to post.


In the past they have, along with many, many others, put the ‘body perfect’ on a pedestal.


The thing is, for these people who achieve amazing shape, there are a lot of factors at play;


  • Genetics play a massive role.
  • They workout extremely hard – this requires a lot of time.
  • They may well have a very active job as well.
  • Often it’s just for the photoshoot and they do not maintain it.
  • Their history and experiences will have led them to that point.
  • Do not forget the wonders of filters and photoshopping.


When we start comparing ourselves unfavourably to these images we can develop mental health problems.


This is not fair.


Often it is not a realistic goal for us anyway.


Many of us do not burn that many calories.


We have sedentary jobs and we can only make it to the gym 2 or 3 times a week if we are lucky!


People with great genetics can burn off more calories and build muscle much more easily.


They can have very active jobs and their NEAT expenditure can be very high.


Think of people who work in a gym, they are often super active, taking classes, on the go all day and working out themselves.


Those of us stuck in offices should not be comparing ourselves to them.


Hopefully, more and more people are realising that these physiques we see up on pedestals are not ‘normal’.


If you are a regular person with a moderate level of body fat, you are active and you are healthy;


If you eat well, enjoy a beer, enjoy the occasional takeaway;


You do not need to feel bad about yourself.


A balanced life gives a good blend of food, social life and fitness.


You can live your Best Life at the Best Weight you can comfortably maintain.





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