July 21

Why You Shouldn’t Exercise To Earn Your Food


The idea of trying to burn calories specifically to allow us to eat more is a dangerous one.


Yes, exercise is good for us.


Yes, it improves our physical and mental health, it increases our longevity.


Yes, it builds muscle and releases endorphins.


Yes, walking is one of my 8 Simple Rules to Lifelong Weight Loss and it does help increase our NEAT.




The belief that you have to get up and put yourself through a gruelling workout because you ate too much last night, is really a borderline eating disorder.


We are then wandering into the territory of thinking we can out train a bad diet.


I myself have been there!


When I was walking 20,000+ steps a day, training twice a day and coaching CrossFit classes, I was losing weight on 3,500 calories a day.


I fell in love with ‘flexible dieting’ and was eating a lot of foods with very little nutritional value.


Firstly, this is not really very good for long term health.


Secondly, it all falls over when life changes, for example, I now spend most of my day behind a desk.


Thirdly, it is dangerous to think that you can only eat if you have earned it.


Finally, we should exercise because we enjoy it, not as a punishment.


If you are putting yourself through some sort of formal exercise that you don’t really enjoy, just to help you lose weight then don’t!


You can successfully lose weight without  adding formal exercise.


You just need to get your calories right.


Do walk every day if you can, daily activity is really good for us:


  • Breaking up long periods of sitting.
  • Getting fresh air.
  • Getting sun exposure (if we’re lucky!).
  • Improving our mental health.
  • Moving our blood around.
  • Improving our cardiovascular system.
  • Building muscle.


These are just some of the benefits.


After walking, if you want to add in some formal exercise, then pick something you enjoy!


Formal exercise should be to promote a;


  • Happier You
  • Healthier You 
  • Stronger You


It should not be a punishment for your body because you had a pizza last night!!



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