November 17

Why More Options Makes Life Worse.


It is so easy these days to get access to a lot of knowledge very quickly.

We have millions of articles and opinions available at the touch of a button, thanks to the Internet.

Now, while Knowledge = Power;

Too many differing opinions and options leads to overwhelm and inaction.

Seeking more and more answers on a subject ends up causing confusion.

If we do not have the specialist knowledge in a subject, that enables us to dissect all the information, then it is unhelpful, rather than helpful.

For example, if you Google something you hear an expert say, you will find arguments that agree, arguments that disagree and stuff that just plain doesn’t make sense!!

When you choose your career, you educate yourself in that subject.

You may do a degree or further education.

You read books, learn from more experienced colleagues.

As you become more experienced in your chosen field, you are able to decide which information will be helpful to you and which will not.

You choose who you will listen and pay attention to.

It needs to be the same with your diet and fitness.

If you listened to the Joe Rogan podcast about carnivore diets, you would get a completely different perspective on vegetables, than if you listed to Danny Lennon!

Unless you have a nutritional qualification, you would probably not know which one to believe, or even if either of them were really worth listening to.

It is therefore, a non sense to look for a wide variety of information on the subject.

It will just lead to paralysis by analysis.

There is too much choice out there.

If you are looking to buy a house;

You use filters on Rightmove and/or an Estate Agent, to narrow down the options.

You specify the things that are important to you and narrow the choice down to a manageable level.

Likewise, when you visit the doctor, they ask you some questions and focus in, until they can give you a diagnosis.

Whereas, if you try a self-diagnosis via Google, you will probably end up believing you are dying!

If you overwhelm yourself with all the different theories and advice out there, regarding diet and fitness, you will drive yourself further into confusion and inaction.

Reading a lot and not really getting anywhere at all.

If you find that you are in this situation, constantly looking for an answer:

  • Pick one option.
  • Stick with it long enough to see if it is working.

Alternatively, if you would like some totally individual help, cutting through the confusion, then hire us!

I would also recommend the book The Paradox Of Choice, by Barry Schwartz.


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