November 10

Why Focus On One Habit At A Time?


Often when we decide we are going to change, we want to do it instantly.

We want to be leaner, healthier, richer NOW, not next month or next year.

We do live in a time of instant gratification:

We can get stuff off Amazon the same day;

Food delivered almost anytime;

Social media gives us the instant gratification of likes and comments;

And so on.

A lot of advertising taps into this desire.

We are promised super fast results if we do this or that detox.

There are lots of super demanding challenges that require you to change loads of things, promising great results in return.

The thing is, if you could sustain all these changes, you would get great results.

However, when we try to change too much at once, we become overwhelmed and end up doing nothing.

Will power is a very finite resource.

We all have lots to do in our lives.

We have responsibilities that take up our time, resources, energy and yes, our will power.

This makes picking up just one new habit quite a big deal.

Think about it:

If you currently eat no vegetables at all, then deciding to have one portion of vegetables at each meal, requires a lot of steps:

  • You have to first decide what vegetables you like.
  • Then you have to remember to buy them.
  • You may have to learn how to prepare and cook them.
  • You have to figure out how you will incorporate them into your meals.
  • You have to remember to cook them and include them.

Those of you who are regulars here, will know that I talk often about key pillars:

Vegetables and Fruit
Keeping your steps up
Moving your body

But, if you are just starting on your fitness journey, then trying to incorporate all of these at once, will be too much.

You will probably start of full of enthusiasm, then quickly become overwhelmed.

We then end up doing nothing.

Start by focussing on one thing.

Have a look at your life.

What is getting in the way of your fitness goals?

What is one thing you could change this week, that would get you closer to your goals?

Identify it.

Then, break it down into easy steps.

Say, for example, you eat too much chocolate in the evenings.

Identify that.

Of course you can have some chocolate, but are you eating too much and ending up going over your calories each day?

This will then be moving you away from your goals.

Break it down.

What can you do to set a limit?

Things that will help you stick to a reasonable consumption?

When you have identified your one thing;

Attack that habit until you have nailed it.

Then (and only then), focus on another.


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