June 10

Why does next step nutrition exist?


Today on the podcast, we hit a milestone of episode 300 so I thought I would talk about why I started Next Step Nutrition.


When I was younger, I was chubby.


Towards the end of primary school and the start of secondary school, I got quite big.


I took up rugby and enjoyed it, my size was an asset in many ways but I had low confidence.


I was self conscious.


Then when I was 16 my Dad died, completely suddenly and unexpectedly!


This was obviously a terrible trauma but it was also a massive wake up call!


It made me realise that life is short and precious!


We really do only get on roll of the dice on this earth.


I had just finished my GCSEs and had to choose my A levels.


I decided to pursue my passion which was singing and musical theatre.


After school I went first to UCLAN and got a first class honours degree


I was then fortunate enough to be accepted into the RWCMD to do a masters.


I did have some success, I got an agent, I moved to London and I had a couple of paid jobs.


Quite a rarity!


Although I had some limited success, I realise now that I could have tried harder and this helps drive me now.


While I was in London I got a job coaching Crossfit but I was still a bit chubby.


I didn’t really enjoy ‘clean eating’ or ‘Paleo’


I was either being very strict or I was eating everything in sight!


Not a good relationship with food and not getting the results I wanted.


It was around this time that I hired Jonathan Potter as a coach.


He had some great success stories of people achieving fantastic results with flexible dieting.


Flexible dieting finally gave me the key to unlock the cycle I had got into.


The more I learned about food and nutrition the more I saw opportunities to help people like myself


and like my Dad!


He had died because he worked too hard and did not look after himself – he did not know how to look after himself.


I made a vow that I didn’t want anyone else going through this.


I wanted to stop lifestyle related diseases and the needless waste of life.


As I learned to find my way through the BS of the diet industry, I wanted to learn how to help everyone find their way.


This spurred me on through my certifications and still spurs me to study more all the time.


I know that busy people need simple diet and exercise plans they can stick to.


I know that one size does not fit all.


We are all different and our personalities and experiences mean we will respond in different ways.


Tracking works really well for some people and not for others.


Regular weighing works well for some and not for others.


My goal is to help you overcome the confusion and the issues.


I want to make it;


Simple, applicable and accessible to everyone.



I want to help educate the Country, if not the World that you can be fit and healthy and still have a life!!


You don’t have to give up everything!


You don’t have to give up all the joy,


You don’t have to sacrifice all your time


and if anything, spending more time with your loved ones


and eating more of the good food you enjoy with your loved ones


is actually the key to a happy and balanced lifestyle.


This is why I started Next Step Nutrition.


It will be 4 years in September, just 2 years full time for me.


I would like to thank you all for your support, for your trust.


I hope to continue on, spreading the word to more and more for a long time to come.



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