October 1

Why Do You Want To Be A Certain Weight?


Many of us have an ideal weight in our heads that we would like to be.


It may be a weight we were when we were younger and/or we believe, happier.


It could be a weight we have never actually attained, being always just slightly out of reach.


Is it realistic for our lives now?


When I was t my leanest, I was 87kg but I always wanted to be 85kg.


I was superfit, walking loads, training hard and my job as a coach was very active.


I was eating plenty because I was burning so many calories.


I was eating lots of protein and focussing on muscle gain.


But, I was still in a slight deficit and I was dropping fat consistently.


When I look back now, I know that I was very lean.


I had a visible 6 – 8 pack in the mornings but I still wanted to lose that ‘last couple of kilos’!


I know now that this was partly my own body dysmorphia, having had some years at school as a ‘fat boy’.


The important point I want to make today though is that;


I could not get back to that weight now.


My life has moved on, I have 5 more years of serious weight training under my belt and am carrying a lot more muscle.


We all know that body weight is made up of a lot more than just fat.


  • Bone density
  • Muscle
  • Organs
  • Food in the system
  • Water in the system
  • Blood
  • Retained water due to stress or digestion
  • Stored glycogen and carbohydrates
  • Fat


Therefore, focussing only on an ideal weight is not really helpful.


Particularly if we are combining a lot of training as well as watching what we are eating.


Perhaps aiming for a certain clothes size would be a better target?


Body fat level is another possibility.


If you want to look at your body fat level then get your skin folds done by a reliable practitioner with metal callipers – not plastic.


Dexa Scans are great but not widely available.


Tanita Scans at gyms are not so great just because of the huge variability of humidity, how much you may have had to drink, how you have slept, etc…


You can look up body fat photos online and estimate from them roughly where you are and where you might want to get to.


After that:


Focus on your clothes size and your process, rather than trying to be a certain weight.



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