October 29

Why Do You Want Abs?


Have you ever stopped and asked yourself this question?


Do you believe you will be happy if you can just get visible abs?


Back in my CrossFit days, this was all that drove me!


In 2015 when I was at my leanest, I wanted to be leaner.


I always wanted to be more shredded.


In the CrossFit world, all the top athletes were in amazing shape.


My perception was that this was real fitness, real health.


I was following a very strict diet, tracking religiously and training really hard.


Even though I was shredded and did in fact, have visible abs, I didn’t believe it.


I was always believing that I ‘would be happy once I was a bit more lean’.


Of course, in reality, happiness is so much more.


If we are continually chasing a body image goal,  when we get there, we look around for the next thing.


We try to fill a hole by chasing a dream body.


If you are in this situation, try asking yourself why?


Then when you have your first answer, ask the same question;


Why is that so important to you?


Then ask again, when you have that answer.


Dial this down about 5 times.


This way you can check your thoughts and really understand your intentions.


If you are, in fact, overweight and you are looking to become healthier, then great!


Go for it!


If, however, you are already quite slim, ask yourself;


Is this goal actually making your life better or worse?


Are you having to miss out on foods you love?


On social occasions?


On life in general?


Are you, perhaps, passing disordered eating habits on to your children?


If, after you have asked all the questions, you decide that it is, in fact, a really important goal for you;


Then go for it, throw yourself into 100% and really enjoy the achievement.


You may find you can get into awesome shape for an event or a photo shoot;


Then, it may be that you gain a few pounds and maintain happily thereafter.


If you are an athlete or a fitness professional with a very active life, it will obviously be easier to maintain a very lean body.


It is not so easy for those of us who are mainly desk based for hours a day.


That is why it is so important to understand our motivations and reasons.


For many of us, maintaining a healthy body weight and living a balanced life, leads to far more happiness than constantly pushing to lose ‘those last few pounds’.


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