November 30

Why Do We Sabotage Ourselves?


We are emotional beings and we often act more from feelings than from logic.

When we are focusing on achieving a goal, we often know, in our logical brain, what to do.

So why do we not do it?

Why do we sabotage our progress?

The thing is, achieving a goal requires us to make ‘payments’ in advance, without seeing or feeling an immediate benefit.

This is difficult to do.

It is very easy, in the moment, to think about what we want right now.

It is much harder to go without something that will make us feel better right now, for the benefit of a future self that we cannot see.

Now, we should of course, 100% live in the moment.

However, the future you create for yourself is being made right now.

Your actions now are what make your future results.

The problem is that it is far easier to think about what we want now.

Right now, this minute, I am feeling hungry.

It is approaching lunchtime and I was up very early.

What I fancy right now, is a Chinese buffet.

I would love to go and indulge myself in all that lovely food.

(Obviously lockdown is a problem!)

But, my goal over the next 12 weeks or so, is to lose around 4kg.

Now, it is true that one trip to a buffet would not, in and of itself, set me back too far.

Getting into the habit of giving in to myself all the time though, would make it much harder to manage my calories and drop weight.

So, I have a choice.

Do I have what I want now and feel better for a few minutes?

Do I take action now to give me what I want in the future?

This can apply to all fitness, business, financial and other goals in life.

How is that action going to serve me?

Is it going to move me closer to my goal or further away?

The Flat White Episode 72 of my podcast with Dr Gary Mendoza is all around making change.

In the episode, Dr Gary explains a very helpful visualisation technique for attaching feel good emotions to a goal.

You can find it by following this link:


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