September 10

Who Is Supporting You?


There is an African proverb which says;


If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.


This is certainly true in business as much as it is in health and fitness.


I have benefited from coaches, books, courses and the experience of friends and family in the building of my business, just as I did in my weight loss.


The problem is that sometimes we are reluctant to ask for help.


We may worry that it will make us appear weak, or we may just want to be proud and feel strong.


We do not shy away from seeing a Doctor if we are ill.


We know it makes sense to go to the Dentist regularly.


In fact, the added accountability of having to sit in the Dentist’s chair, often encourages us to look after our teeth better!


In the same way, the added accountability of a weight loss coach or friends and family, can help keep us going when things get tough.


Asking for help can also show us where we may be focussing our efforts in the wrong place.


It can highlight our strengths and weaknesses we don’t see.


People on the outside can often cut through confusion for us and help us to much better results.


It is not necessary to hire a formal coach if that’s not what you want;


Find some people on Instagram who are achieving what you want to achieve.


Ask them what they have done to get where they are?


What books did they read?


What steps did they follow?


Can they recommend any resources?


The same applies to people at your gym, or in your sports group.


People are often more than happy to share their stories and successes.


Ask you friends and colleagues to support you.


If they are not aware of your goals, then you really can not blame them if they do or say something unhelpful.


For example, bring doughnuts into the office every morning with the coffee.


Talk to your partner or family about your goals.


Discuss food shopping and getting in the foods you are wanting to eat.


If you have children, discuss with your partner about managing childcare so that you can make time for the gym.


Again, if the people you live with do not know, you cannot blame them for sabotaging you.


  • Be specific with your goal
  • Write down your daily action steps
  • Be aware of the 5 emotional stages 
  • Find a network of support – friends, family, people living the life you want to live


Take advantage of support and you will follow through with your actions better than you ever thought possible.






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