September 8

Where Do You Truly Want To Be?


If you do not have a crystal clear vision of where you are going, you are unlikely to get there.


What is your goal?


What are you trying to achieve right now?


Why are you reading this?


Are you looking to improve your health?


Perhaps you are looking to learn more about nutrition?


Maybe you just want to be a bit fitter, look better naked, live a long healthy life?


There are a number of routes you could take to achieve that goal.


But, there are some steps that can not be missed out;


  • Move your body more, in whichever way you enjoy and can sustain.
  • Eat the right amount of food, ensuring plenty of good nutrition.
  • Overload your muscles with some form of resistance training.
  • Get enough sleep.


You will get there!


To reach any goal, it is vital to know, what you need to do and how you are going to do it.


If we do not have a clear vision in something then we are likely to get distracted.


We may want to be fitter, but what does that look like for us?


We want to lose a bit of weight but we also want to improve our weight lifting and get stronger.


We want to run a marathon, swim the channel and cycle the Tour de France!


We are never going to do all those things and run the risk of not doing any of them.


We can not do it all at once.


However, we can break things down into specific goals and go after one at a time.


This was often this issue for me with Crossfit.


Always trying to improve in every area at the same time and not actually moving the needle in any area.


Pick 1 – 3 areas maximum, that you are trying to improve in and put your effort there.


Dial everything else back to maintenance.


This is applicable in all areas of life, not just diet and fitness.


It takes much less effort to maintain a result or a skill, than it takes to achieve it in the first place.


Look at Michael Phelps who has all those gold medals for swimming.


He didn’t cycle, he swam.


He didn’t get up in the morning and go for a run, he swam.


He focussed on swimming technique, on swimming faster.


He focussed on nutrition for swimming.


Everything he did, was about that one goal.


Just because you pigeon-hole yourself for 12 or even 24 weeks to achieve a goal, it does not define you.


When you have that skill set, or have achieved that result, you can maintain it.


For example, if you want to learn a new language, get up every morning and spend 15 minutes on it for 12 weeks.


After the 12 weeks, you will have made really good headway.


You can scale back your effort and maintain or you can kick your effort up a gear to improve, if that’s what you decide you want to do.


But, unless you are clear in what you are trying to achieve and relentless in following the steps, it will not happen.


I urge you today, to sit down and think;


Where do you truly want to be?


What are you honestly trying to achieve?


Then, set yourself the action steps, set yourself a 12 week target.


Be relentless in following those steps.


Demand greatness of yourself.







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