October 19

Where Do You Lose Fat From First?


Believe it or not, this is one of the most frequently asked questions on Google!


It is very, very common for people to have ‘problem areas’ on their bodies.


Areas they are often unhappy with and wish desperately that they could magically shrink, or suck fat from.


We are all different when it comes to where we carry our body fat.


A lot of it depends on genetics.


It can also change over time, as we age and as hormones fluctuate.


For men it is often their pecs and abs.


For women it is often their tummies or perhaps their hips.


Annoyingly, when we embark on a weight loss journey, we lose weight from our extremities first!


We lose it from our fingers and toes, our faces and other areas we really don’t care about.


Believe me when I say, there is no food, no pill, no diet plan that can make you lose fat from any particular area.


Historically we store fat around our middles and our vital organs to protect them.


Ironically now that it is so easy to acquire fat, the fat around our organs causes real health issues.


Training can enhance specific areas.


If you would like to improve your legs and you do some aerobic exercise like cycling and a lot of squats, you will mobilise fat and carbs for energy.


This translates into weight loss only if you are in a calorie deficit, but;


You will tone and gain muscle.


If you are a guy, you will almost certainly want abs, pecs and arms.


You therefore need to be doing bicep curls, bench press, tricep extensions and stomach/core exercises.


Not just sit ups!


Crunches, planks, side planks and other core exercises.


You can focus on areas to spot enhance and tone.


If you are looking for big arms and pecs then you do not want to be doing tons of HIIT.


Bench press, bicep curls and lat pull downs are often the busiest in the gym for a reason.


Work on enhancing the areas that you want to look good in.


Then, over time, as you focus on your nutrition, you will lose weight from your stubborn areas.


It just takes time and consistency – rather than a magic cure.


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