October 20

What’s The Best Exercise For Weight Loss?


The best exercise for weight loss;


Is the one you can stick to!


Sorry! That’s a bit boring but it is the truth.


There is no best exercise.


There is the best one that works for you.


There is absolutely no point at all in doing something you hate.


You need to find something you enjoy, that works for you and that fits into your life.


Look at your schedule and work backwards from that.


If you can only spare 30 minutes then you probably need to be doing something at home or from home.


A jog, a bike ride, an online class, a home routine or a brisk walk.


Technically, cardio burns more calories than weight training but


Weight training builds muscles and helps you achieve that toned look most of us are seeking.


So do both!


I have said before that people can achieve good results from 3 gym sessions a week and walking.


Do not fall into the trap of doing loads of cardio exercise to burn calories so that you can eat more.


This is really a shitty relationship with both food and exercise.


I know!


I used to do it and I know it takes work to get out of that rut.


Walking is actually one of the best exercises out there.


It is sustainable, enjoyable – particularly if done in lovely countryside and/or with friends or family.


It does not ramp up hunger, does not cause injuries and can be done for longer periods.


Yes, the more intense the exercise, the higher the calorie burn at the time.


But, high intensity cannot be sustained for very long, it hurts a lot more!


It ramps up hunger and it breaks your body down.


You need much more recovery time.


Often we hammer ourselves with intensity over and over, without taking the time for proper recovery.


Particularly in sports like Crossfit.


We hammer away at ourselves, desperate to lose a bit of fat.


But, we are ramping up our hunger so eating loads.


We do not recover and we end up staying the same, or we get injury after injury.


It doesn’t have to look this way.


Train to your goals.


If you are trying to get good at endurance, do some endurance training.


If you want to look good naked, weight training will give you more bang for you buck!


Add on some walking or some low intensity cardio and you are there.


Throw in the odd higher intensity workout now and again.


If you are trying to get good at Crossfit then you will have to work at high intensity at some point.


But, first concentrate on your training.


Look at the areas where you are weak.


Periodise your training and your recovery.


There is no best exercise for weight loss but there is a best exercise for you at that time.


Think about your goals


Think about what you enjoy


Think about what you can achieve


If you would like some one to one help getting a bespoke program just for you, please do get in touch with us.


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