July 30

What To Do When Motivation Is Low


I know a lot of us have really struggled with motivation during lockdown.


It may be that now the gyms are open, you have had a boost and are feeling well motivated again now.


It may be that you are still stuck in a lockdown funk and wondering what to do with your life.


When you feel the temptation to beat up on yourself about your diet and/or exercise, remember that low motivation from time to time is perfectly normal.


Being an adult is tough.


We have loads to do; life admin, jobs, managing relationships with friends, with spouses, looking after kids and so on.


We have to do all the little things that need to be done to keep ourselves alive and functioning, these all add up over time.


When you are struggling with low motivation, try thinking of your food and exercise as a dial from 1 to 10.


So instead of all or nothing you have a scale.


Instead of, ‘if I can’t do this workout today, there is no point’ you can adjust your dial and go for a walk.


When you have plenty of time and energy to do your workouts and cook great food that’s fantastic.


When you are swamped by life, think about dialling it back.


If you don’t have time to go for the run you were planning, do 5 push ups or 10 air squats instead.


Think about the 20% effort you can make that will give you 80% of the result.


For example, when it comes to food, managing your energy (calorie) intake is by far the most important thing when looking to lose or manage your weight.


If you don’t have time, or can’t be bothered to cook the fresh meal you had in mind, have a high protein ready meal instead.


When you can’t fit in the hour walk you were hoping for, do a few flights of stairs instead.


Change your mindset.


Instead of saying “I have  to”  say “I get  to”


  • I get to do some exercise today.
  • I get to cook myself a delicious meal today.
  • I get to have a great night’s sleep.


Re-assess your ‘Why’


Why are you reading this blog?


Why are you on a health and fitness journey?


What do you really want?


What goals are you looking to achieve?


When motivation is low – Do less!


Something is always better than nothing.




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