September 28

What If You’re Not Seeing Progress?

Before you can decide if you are making progress, you need to clearly define what progress actually is.


All too often we set ourselves arbitrary outcome goals.


Very often these goals are also too strict and unrealistic.


It is vital to look back from the outcome goal and put realistic process targets in to lead the way.


For example, if your goal is muscle gain, how do you measure that?


Some process goals could be;


  • I wil eat 4 high protein meals a day
  • I will weight train 4 x a week
  • I will add volume to my training each week – reps, sets or load


You are then able to track your progress over time.


If you are following your process targets consistently then you will see results.


The process of actions is all you can control.


You cannot control the outcome but you can control what you do to get there.


Following new habits is progress.


If your goal is fat loss and you are not seeing an adjustment on the scale, this does not necessarily mean no fat loss.


We know that body weight is made up of a lot more variables than body fat; food in system and retained water to name just two.


Look at the new habits you are putting in place, if you are;


  • Walking more
  • Sleeping better
  • Eating more vegetables
  • Eating more protein


Then you are making progress.


Take care of the actions and the results will take care of themselves.


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