September 7

Using 12 Week Goals For Committed Action


I have always said that the process is more important than the outcome.


This is true, because we can only control the process.


However, if you don’t define a clear outcome then you can’t know what the process is.


I have been reading a book called the 12 Week Year.


Many companies set annual sales targets.


It is common practice for everyone on the sales teams to step up their game in the last 1/4 of the year to reach the target.


This book talks about setting 12 week targets and achieving more, due to being more focussed.


It is often true that the duration of a task will fit into the time provided for the task.


If there is a more aggressive timeline then we are likely to work harder.


We can use the same idea in fitness and weight loss.


Set ourselves aggressive, yet achievable goals and then set out the process required to achieve them.


For example, if someone is moderately overweight then a target of losing 4-5kg in 12 weeks, is an achievable goal.


A fitness target might be to add so many kilos to your squat or lift.


Or to run your 5k a few minutes faster.


Once you have decided on your goal, you then break it down into weekly actions.


Thus creating your route map to move you towards your goal.


It is important that this is not everything at once, just a little bit better each week.


For example, if your goal is to lose 5kg in 12 weeks;


You don’t really do much exercise, your sleep is poor and you don’t eat a lot of fruit, vegetables and protein,


then deciding that right away you are going to walk 10,000 steps a day, eat 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day, sleep 8 hours a night and have a portion of protein with every meal, is likely to be very unrealistic.


More achievable would be;


  • Week 1, Walk 5,000 steps a day, eat at least one portion of protein and 2 portions of fruit and vegetables a day.
  • Week 2, Walk 7,000 steps a day, eat 2 portions of  protein and 3 portions of fruit and vegetables a day.


And so on.


Write these actions down where you can see them.


Assess at the end of each week.


Did you complete your actions? If not, why not?


What can you do to improve?


Each week, as you tick off the actions, you scale them up.


Always make them things you have a 10/10 chance of doing!


That way, each week you are being successful.


You are building the habit of success.


It feels great and it builds momentum.


Remember, action, rather than motivation, drives momentum.


At the end of your 12 weeks, you can assess your results.


Did you do what you set out to do?


Did you achieve your goal?


If you did not achieve your goal, did you still achieve a lot of good things?


Did you move yourself further towards it?


This is a reminder that the outcome is outside of our control but we do control the process.


If you have a clear focus on the process you need to be doing, then you put yourself in the position to reach your goal.


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