May 15

Training and Nutrition during a lockdown with Dr Eric Helms

On the Flat White episode (49) of the podcast published today, Friday 15th May 2020, I chat with Dr Eric Helms.


Eric is a PhD, accomplished online coach, writer, natural bodybuilder, powerlifter, and an all-round nice guy.


We chat extensively around the subject of training with limited equipment, maintaining muscle mass and staying motivated during this difficult time.


2:10 minutes – Eric introduces himself and lets us know what he is up to at the moment.


4:50 minutes – Here we begin to talk about the lockdown, the lack of normal life and how Eric is handling it.


Eric has been putting out a lot of content and information to help with life and exercise during this period.


You can find links to his social media and an affiliate link to his books at the end of this article.


8:30 minutes – How to cope with limited equipment? How can we use bodyweight effectively for training?


18:30 minutes – Here we cover  how you can still actually grow muscle with just bodyweight if you develop a routine and progress your movements.


23:00 minutes – We cover the risks of overtraining – getting carried away with the extra time! We also chat about low motivation.


32:40 minutes – The risks of over doing it when we can finally get back to the gym.


36:00 minutes – We talk about the challenges faced by power lifters and other athletes who require very specific equipment and ways to manage that particular problem;


Once or twice a week of an effective routine can be sufficient to maintain muscle mass


40:00 minutes – Here we talk about having an introductory period when you return to the gym, a graded exposure to build back to where you were.


45:00 minutes – We discuss nutrition, the challenges of boredom eating and stress eating.


We also chat about the risk of being so strict that you cannot maintain your new routine outside of lockdown.


50:00 minutes – The benefit of other activities, such as podcasts, books, time with family, giving yourself alternatives and therefore being able to continue with regular little wins.


Use this link if you would like are interested in Eric’s books;



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