Video 1 - How To Overcome Overeating


  • We overeat because of highly calorific, tasty AF foods, which are driven to make us want more of them
  • We have complex emotions, thoughts and feelings we struggle to regulate
  • We are emotionally linked to food in ways we never really understand
  • There are unique relationships with food based on our upbringing, and based on our experience of control, which can often be a double-edged sword
  • Overeating is the end of a chain of events, not the event itself, often caused by the "fuck it" attitude or "sabotage switch"
  • Using actual techniques to uncover the root cause of these events is the only way to overcome them (like using the sheet above)
  • Stress is one of the biggest triggers, so much so it deserves it's own video (in the next series of this course)