May 2

Tom’s Next Step Journey

Meet Tom

Tom is another CrossFit Coach/Athlete of mine who was struggling to find the right amount to eat for optimal performance and weight loss.

He was spinning his wheels by eating too few carbs, struggling for energy for training and working on the gym floor, and knew something had to change.

Again, as Tom had a decent starting knowledge of nutrition and food quality, we worked together on a flexible tracking approach.

At first, we focused on having different calorie amounts on weekdays and weekends, allowing Tom enough energy to train hard during the week, but still enjoy his weekend with his family, friends, and girlfriend.

We focused on total protein and carbohydrate amounts, creating more of a deficit through dietary fat, allowing Tom enough protein for muscle retention/gain and recovery, and enough carbohydrates to fuel high intense activity.

As he lost body fat, we started increasing the calorie/carb load more towards performance goals, as the CrossFit Open was coming up and I knew Tom had the potential to do well.

Tom ended up exceeding his weight loss and performance goals, finishing 106th in the Europe Central Region in the CrossFit Games Open.

This is what Tom had to say:

“I have been working with Jonny at Next Step Nutrition for the last 7 months and have seen a drastic change in my physique. My goal was to reduce body fat whilst maintaining strength and performance leading up to the CrossFit Open. In this time I lost 8kg and greatly reduced my body fat.

For past month the focus has turned to strength and muscle gain and I’m already seeing the benefit of Jonny’s guidance and coaching.

Jonny is already a very knowledgable and personable coach, however he is always seeking and sharing new information with me. I couldn’t recommend him highly enough.”

If you’re ready to begin your journey, then simply contact us to get started today!


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