January 25

Tolerate The Discomfort


It might not be a sexy title, but the truth is:

We often need to feel bad in order to feel better.

The worst thing we can do is try to avoid these uncomfortable feelings.

Many of us use food and/or drink when trying to make ourselves feel better.

We are often taught as children that food (sweets) will cheer us up.

It is used to reward good behaviour, to soothe pain, to distract from upset.

But, there are times when life is tough and we feel down.

This is perfectly normal.

Feeling lonely, sad or bored are all perfectly valid, normal feelings.

There are better routes through these than turning to food to bury them.

But, sometimes, things just need to suck for a while, in order to get better overall.

Think about areas where you feel uncomfortable.

Are you feeling hungry because you are trying to lose bodyweight?

That can be a perfectly normal reaction to not eating whenever and whatever you want.

Are you feeling down at certain times of the day?

Do you turn to food to fix that?

Instead, try being aware of the feelings of discomfort.

Rather than trying to force a fix, have a think about why they are there.

Explore your feelings? Your thoughts?

They are valid.

You do not need to try and force yourself to ‘be better’.

You do not need to be positive all the time.

The more compassionate you can be to yourself, the better able you will be to handle these situations, without turning to food.


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