February 27

Tim’s Next Step Journey


Meet Tim. Tim came to Next Step Performance as he was finding it difficult to progress by himself. Not only that, but as a coach, he was great at providing accountability to others, but not so much to himself. He had found himself spinning his wheels with his training, not really feeling motivated to go to the gym (but thinking he should).


So What Did We Do?


Tim and I had an initial chat, where we talked about how an individual program could benefit him. I asked him about his goals, what he enjoyed doing, and then took him through a basic assessment phase to learn more about what he needed. From this point on, it was plain sailing, because I took the time to understand where Tim was at and what he needed.


Since working with me, his progress has been fantastic, and despite being busier than ever, he still finds time to prioritise his training because he enjoys it.


I’ll let him explain the rest:


Tim’s Thoughts:


“Working with Jonny at Next Step Performance has really helped me improve all aspects of fitness.


He keeps me accountable by replying to all my workouts. It’s not even important but it makes me think that he’s checking on me so it pushes me to make sure I get everything done to the best of my ability and don’t just eat pies and drink beer.


I was a little unsure at first as I had never had a coach before. It was a bitter pill to suggest that I needed accountability/help. As a coach myself, I was reluctant to admit I needed it!


Jonny helped calm these reservations as he’s so personable, knowledgeable and positive. His honest and upfront approach made me consider the possibilities of working with him.


From the outside, I’d look at you and think ‘f*** me he’s in good shape x, y, z’ and he clearly stated that he too had a coach to help. I didn’t expect that!


When I first started with Jonny I just wanted to feel strong, have better movement, new skills, and feel confident in how I look.


Since beginning with Jonny, my movement has got loads better. My Olympic weightlifting has excelled and I love it. I feel strong, healthy and believe I have found an excellent balance of life and training. I have a solid foundation to build upon so I can take on the Bear!


Jonny at Next Step is fantastic. One of the best decisions I made last year. I LOVE training (although sometimes, I hate it, haha) but I just feel really good.”


Want Results Like These?


If you’re stuck in a rut with your training.


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