June 4

this one method will help you eat fewer calories without feeling deprived


Eat Slowly!


This may seem like a bogus idea.


Trust me though, it really and truly works.


Eating slowly is one of the cornerstone habits to adopt for losing weight and keeping it off forever


without feeling deprived.


Eating slowly is actually quite difficult for a lot of people.


I myself struggle with it sometimes, particularly when I’m very hungry.


It is something I am still working on!


If you eat slowly you enjoy the food more.


Really take your time, savour the food, the taste, the texture.


Be really present.


When we go to the cinema we tend to enjoy the film much more than we do when we watch at home.


Obviously some of this is the ‘big screen’ experience


but a lot of it is because we have no distractions, we become fully immersed in the film


we enjoy it much more as a result.


This is also true for the food we eat.


Attach mindfulness to your eating and you will enjoy your food more.


Chew your food better and not only will you digest it better, but your fullness signals will be triggered sooner.


You will find you can tell when you’ve had enough.


Instead of wolfing down a large meal and then feeling over-full half an hour later.


As you practice eating more slowly and listening to your body, you will become better at reading your body’s signals.


This can be applied to any and all meals.


It does not have to be a home cooked meal with vegetables and plenty of protein.


It can equally be a Domino’s pizza!


Sit at the table.


Eat with family if you can.


Pause regularly, put down your knife and fork (if using).


Take regular drinks.


Fully savour the food, enjoy it!


Chew each mouthful properly.


You will eat less!


When you start to feel satisfied, stop eating.


Save the rest, give it to the dog, give it away, freeze it.


If all else fails, throw it away.


Do not eat past your body’s signals for the sake of not wasting food!


Try using a timer for meals and add extra time as you get better.


You will eat less calories and you will drop weight.


Without needing to change your food.


Without feeling deprived or restricted.


If you would like to learn more great habits for weight loss and how to adopt them easily,


please check out my new course.


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