August 31

The Secret Sauce – Accountability


Accountability is a really powerful ingredient for success.


Often we think we know what we are doing,


We may know what we are doing,


But we end up letting life happen.


We find ourselves reacting to events, rather than setting the agenda, being pro-active and accountable.


Accountability can really speed us up in achieving our goals, but it is often too easy to let ourselves off the hook.


So how can we find and benefit from this missing ingredient?


1) Join A Group.


This is a very powerful thing;


Find a group whose actions you want to replicate.


For example, if you want to become a regular cyclist, join a local cycling group.


It is easy to become a CrossFit athlete if you join a CrossFit gym, everyone wears the same gear, talks the same talk and walks the same walk.


Friendships are formed in these groups and then you all hold each other accountable.


You don’t want to miss a training session or an organised bike ride – you don’t want to miss out!


More and more these days, people are following their own training programs but are still meeting to train in a group.


These groups serve to keep each other motivated.


2) Sign Up For One To One Coaching.


This can be the ultimate way, have someone else to hold you accountable.


If we are reporting back to someone else, particularly if we are paying for it, we can be much more motivated.


Not just from the encouragement and motivation we receive from the coach, but also because we will feel embarrassed if we do not stick to our habits.


If you are looking for a really high level, individualised, behaviour change, nutrition program, then one to one slots with us are currently open.


3) Keep Yourself Accountable.


This can be a struggle for many of us but there are ways to make it easier:


  • Write Everything Down
  • Identify Your Goal
  • Reward Your Accomplishments/Milestones
  • Create Micro Goals – Break a big goal down into manageable chunks
  • Review Your Performance


So, if your goal is weight loss, write down the weekly tasks you need to do to lead you to that goal.


Use a journal – as we spoke about last week.


Perform your steps ruthlessly, following your map from A to B.


Block out your time for training – rather than just relying on discipline.


Use apps, lists and reminders.


Weigh yourself regularly.


Review your steps and make adjustments where necessary.


Build in non-food based rewards.


If you would find this all too difficult to stick to then spend some time working with a coach.


Someone to set the tasks for you and to check in with regularly.


Someone who will set you on the road to success.



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