March 13

The infinite game of health and fitness


Today I’m writing about the infinite game of health and fitness. If you’ve been following me on Instagram for a bit, you might have seen my live video the other night when I was talking about my recent obsession with a new Simon Sinek book called The Infinite game. For those of you that don’t know, Simon Sinek wrote the book ‘Start With Why’, which is also a fantastic book, by the way, both for business, and for fitness. I find that this book ‘the infinite game’ also draws along a lot of parallels that we can take within our fitness lifestyle, not just business.


It is a business book, initially, but I’ve been listening to it on Audible in the car, not all the way through about halfway the moment. But I can already see the parallels there are within the fitness game, which is why I wanted to write about it, just to bring it to your attention a little bit more as well. What we know is that we are the result of years and years and years of habits that have come before us. Not only the habits of course, but also the people that brought us up,  the habits around food we are likely to adopt will depend a lot on the habits of the people who brought us up. Similarly, with the people that we spend the most time with.


Throughout school and throughout our work, as we reach our adulthood, we are going to pick up new habits regarding food, regarding exercise. These habits will depend largely on the people we spend our time, with that saying that ‘you are the sum or the average of the five people you spend your most time’ with is absolutely correct. It’s not just a cliche. We will find ourselves not adopting other people’s habits per se but definitely falling in line with the community and the society that we find ourselves within. If you’re going to be making a big change with regards to weight loss, with regards to fitness habits, nutrition habits, those kind of things, you do need to take stock and have a think about who you’re spending your time with who you surrounded by. Both how they may benefit and how they may hinder your desire for change. Have a think about how the habits that they have and the procedures and the processes that they go through on a daily basis have affected you in your current position and continue to affect you and have a think about how they might benefit it.


Definitely have a think about what you might need to say to those people in terms of what it is you’re trying to do, communicate your goals with those around you, communicate your desires with those around you, especially those very close to you, and have a conversation with why it’s important to you.


Something that I did recently was have a big, deep personal search around my business, what it is that I’m doing in life and who it is I’m trying to serve. I did come to the conclusion that my ‘Why’ is very deep rooted within some things that happened to me when I was younger, as well as my own personal journey through being a bigger person, losing weight, removing that sort of identity and shackles of being a big guy, then being the fitness trainer, the nutrition consultant I am today. You know why all of that was important to me was a big revelation and kind of lit a fire up under my ass to really change focus and be solely around weight loss and nutrition, rather than kind of flirting with all areas of the health stick. But what I need to say is that the exercise of asking yourself the ‘seven why’s’, is something that’s really, really powerful. If you haven’t done it, I would do it, whether that’s around your purpose, your purpose in life in terms of the business that you’re in, the business that you might run or the career that you’re doing right now, but also with regards to health and fitness.


However, think about why you want to lose weight. And once you say that to yourself, I want to lose weight because I want to look better or I want to be a little bit slimmer or whatever that first level answer is, say to yourself, ‘Great, now why is that so important?’, you’ll have an answer. ‘Great, why is that important?’. Seriously, ask yourself this question seven times, dig really deep and ask yourself those difficult questions. Don’t be afraid to uncover the answers underneath, because the answers that are underneath are what’s going to help you play this infinite game of health and fitness. We are combinations of habits that have gone before us, so once you decide that you are going to embark on a journey, make sure you’ve had this conversation with those around you and told them why it’s so important to you so that they are on your side.


You now need to dig deep and realise that you’re playing an infinite game. This game of health and fitness isn’t something that you can win in 30 days. It’s not something that you can win in 60 days, 8 weeks, 12 weeks to 3 months, 6 months, a year, there isn’t an end in sight, the infinite game of health and fitness, you play it until you die. The thing about the game of health and fitness is that the way you play it will result in your longevity, the result is how long you stay on this earth, for sure there are things that could get in the way, you could get hit by a bus, you could get, you know, cancer, God forbid, and there have been people very very close to me that have suffered with that recently and I know that that will be a big point for many of you, but the game of health and fitness that you play for yourself will result in your longevity and will be something that will affect how long you stay on this earth for.


When you realise that and realise that the decisions that you make don’t only affect yourself but affect the people around you as well, because of how long you’re here, what your quality of life is like, as you age. You will play this game with a bit more seriously, of course, we’re all going to die someday, you need to live life because you only live once, but that doesn’t mean putting your health and fitness last and it doesn’t mean drinking all the alcohol in sight and eating all the junk food in sight. You know, it’s all about finding this balance between being able to eat junk food, being able to drink alcohol and still living a healthy life devoted to moving daily, eating great food, then exercising regularly. So, you need to make sure that you buy into this idea that health and fitness isn’t something that you do for three months, and then revert to ‘normal’. It’s not something that you do for six months and then revert to ‘normal’ it’s not even something that you do for a year, and then revert to ‘normal’, it’s a case of, if you want to dig deep and lose this body weight and keep it off for life, then you need to dig deep and think about what are the habits that you are going to adjust. How are you going to start adjusting them, you’re not going to be able to undo years of behaviour in just 30 days, it’s just not going to be possible, you’re going to be able to make a good start. You will definitely be able to see good progress. Absolutely. But it’s not over then, you need to think to yourself, right. How can I get 1% better every day. It’s going to take a lot of repetitive boring work to get where you want to be so you’re going to need to be okay with that. But if you make sure that you move forward slowly, all the time, rather than taking giant leaps forward, and then falling massively backwards again and ending up back at square one, you will be successful. You’ll never be sure when the results you’re looking for will come. People have different starting points, they have different genetics, they have different circumstances which means that different people see different results at different speeds. This is why you can’t compare yourself to before and afters on Instagram. It’s why I’m personally moving away from advertising using before and afters as well, because you are your own person and you can only ever become the best version of you. There’s no point in aspiring to look like someone else or aspiring to the same results someone else got in a certain time frame.

You will be able to get results in a certain time frame, if you play the game well, but you may need to make sure that you sign yourself up for the long haul. Not just for the time it takes.


That doesn’t mean for my services personally they’re going to have infinite time frames, absolutely not. I still work off of the time frame that I will help clients achieve a transformation in their habits and behaviours and their knowledge, so that they feel empowered and educated to make the journey the rest of the way themselves.  It’s a case of, I need to build this relationship with the person, give them these ‘aha’ moments that allow them to understand what it is they need to do know, how they can make that change and feel confident in making that change going forward and sticking with it so that they can then continue to smash their goals by themselves without me there holding their hands, and this might sound to you like a pretty shitty business model in some respects. But my business model is not about holding someone in and having them in my service for years and years to come. It’s about having them in for the time that they need me, then being able to say hey, you can do this on your own now. But please tell all your friends about how I’ve helped you do it. So, to sum up; The game of health and fitness is an infinite one, and I would massively recommend this book the infinite game to all of you who have read this and feel like it’s resonated. Remember that the way that you look at health and fitness will determine your results if you think that it’s a get in and get out, then you are going to revert back to your old ways, and you won’t have learned anything. If you see the programmes that you do and the coaches that you work with are stepping stones to your final destination, who are teaching you skills that you can then embody and in practice forever. Then you will lose weight, and you will keep it off. And I know that’s why all of you are here.



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