August 25

The Cure For Weekend-itis


This is something that I know many of us struggle with.


We try so hard to ‘be good’ Monday to Friday and then we end up overeating at the weekend.


Here are 7 tips that will help you with that struggle.


1) Avoid Perfectionism.


There is no such thing  as the perfect diet, the perfect food plan, the perfect exercise plan or the perfect food.


Embrace the idea of a dial.


Oftentimes we are so strict that we are actually setting ourselves up for failure.


Remember; there is no unhealthy food, only unhealthy diets.


You are allowed to eat whatever you want.


2) Escape The ‘All or Nothing’ Mindset.


Move away from the idea that you are either ‘all in’ or in the sea.


It is not helpful to believe that if you’re not doing ‘everything’ then it’s hopeless.


We believe we should ‘exercise every day and/or follow a really strict eating plan’ so we end up doing nothing at all.


3) Learn to Live In The Grey.


Not as in a depressing grey but as in neither black, nor white.


Do not label food ‘good’ and ‘bad’.


Yes, there are lower calorie, higher nutrient foods and there are higher calorie, lower nutrient foods.


You can choose to eat any of them.


For a healthy balance, aim for around 80% lower calorie, higher nutrient foods:


  • Lean Meats
  • Fruits and Vegetables
  • Starchy Carbohydrates
  • Beans and Pulses


Make up the other 20% of your diet with higher calorie, lower nutrient foods and alcohol.


You do not  need to be cooking everything from scratch.


You have choices.


4) Disarm the ‘Fuck It’ Switch.


The ‘fuck it’ switch is like getting a flat tyre and slashing the other three!


We all fall into this trap, I know I used to a lot.


This is when you have a piece of birthday cake in the office when you have been ‘trying to be really good’.


You say ‘fuck it, I’ve blown my diet anyway’ so you have another piece.


You then pick up wine and a take away on the way home!


You decide you’re a complete failure and spend the weekend eating everything in sight.


You tell yourself you will ‘get back on the straight and narrow on Monday’.


If you had stopped at one piece of birthday cake, the damage would have been non-existent!!


5) Abolish ‘Cheat Days’.


Cheat days or cheat meals are a really bad idea!


A meal out with your partner is not a cheat meal, it is just a meal out.


If you decide you are having a ‘cheat day’ you will almost certainly overeat.


You can justify it to yourself by saying that you are ‘on a cheat day’.


6) Notice Your Justifications.


When you are at a party do you tell yourself that you ‘can’t eat healthily because it’s a party’?


Do you use travelling as an excuse to make poor food choices?


Notice your justifications and then overcome them.


You can always control how much you eat even if you really can not control what you eat.


In most situations there are still choices anyway.


Even garages have lower calorie options these days.


Meat and salad sandwiches, salads, prepared fruit and snack packs of meat, for example.


7) Get Active.


Quite a lot of us eat when we are bored.


If you find yourself grazing at the weekend because you are ‘Netflix and chilling’, think about getting up and getting outside.


  • Call a friend and arrange a walk
  • Take up a sport
  • Go for a swim
  • A bike ride
  • A jog


This way you are winning on two counts.


You are not sitting, grazing away and you are burning some more calories!





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