August 18

The Art Of Consistency 101


In my recent survey, another thing that came up as a big struggle was consistency.


This is the ultimate winner of all races.


If we can do little and often we will get amazing results.


James Clear, in his book Atomic Habits, uses the great example of 2 aeroplanes taking off from the same airport.


One sets off on a trajectory 1% to the left of the other.


At the end of an 8 hour flight the 2 planes land 1000s of miles apart.


A difficulty we have is that we do not see results within 8 hours.


Our bodies are slower to react and this makes it harder to be consistent because we want fast results.


We are a culmination of years of habits and behaviours.


I have been lifting weights for 10 years and I started seriously tracking my macros 5 years ago.


My life is very different to what is was then, but I know what I need to do to maintain my weight.


I know what my Minimum Effective Dose is.


If I want to lose a bit of body weight, I know where to tighten things up.


I really don’t find it that difficult anymore to maintain my weight.


Over the years I have learned the minimum amount of work and effort I need to put in.


These are the results of a long time working at the craft.


So as a starting point, work at finding your Minimum Effective Dose.


Avoid the temptation to try too much too soon. This is when we become discouraged.


Life is stressful already!


Find your maintenance level, get comfortable with what you need to do there first.


Once you are happily maintaining a stable weight you can start to play around a bit.


Look at moving the needle but Start small!


Focus on adding vegetables to all your meals, do it consistently and it will become a habit that you no longer need to think about.


Then you can add another thing.


Each small step compounds on the last small step.


For exercise, start with walking 5 minutes more each day, watch it build.


Think about your non-negotiables.


This is super important.


Do not cut out all your favourite foods, all your social activities.


This is not sustainable.


Instead of thinking about what you can cut out, think about what you can add in:


  • More fruit and vegetables
  • More protein
  • More sleep
  • More walking


Think of these things first and resist the temptation of the fad diet.


Keep your goal front and centre in your mind.


What are you trying to achieve and why?


You need to know your ‘why’ so that when things get tough you can refer back to it.


If you have been ‘trying to lose weight’ for 10 years then take a break.


Flip the script!


Focus on being healthful, give your mind and body some time to recover.


If your goal is weight loss then remember that a calorie deficit is not forever.


Even after you have lost weight your maintenance calories will be higher than your deficit calories.


  1. Little and often
  2. Minimum Effective Dose
  3. Move the needle
  4. Find the 20% effort you can make for 80% of the results
  5. Know your non-negotiables
  6. Keep your goal front and centre


Small steps applied consistently will take us miles from our starting point!


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