December 10

Taking An Information Diet


In today’s world of Google and social media, it is easy to get overwhelmed with information.

There are books and courses on every subject.

There are ‘influencers’ on every side of every debate.

It is the hardest time to find information that we can trust.

When we become overwhelmed we end up doing nothing.

We don’t know which route to take, so we stay where we are.

More choice basically makes us less happy.

So, here is a new diet to try:

An Information Diet!

I am trying it at the moment.

I have strictly limited the sources of information I am using.

I have blocked my Facebook newsfeed.

I use it now for posting and for managing my groups, not for scrolling.

I have unsubscribed to a lot of emails.

I am selective about the podcasts I subscribe and listen to.

The benefit of narrowing down the people you listen to, is that you can focus in on areas you really want to make progress in.

We know that consistency always wins.

If you are consistently moving towards your goal, you will get there.

If your goal is nutrition and fitness based:

A calorie deficit is the most important thing for weight loss.

A calorie surplus is needed for weight gain.

Progressive overload is required for fitness.

This should be resistance for muscle gain and volume for CV fitness.

Once you are set with where you are going, throw your trust into just a few sources.

Choose who you agree with.

The more information we consume, the less action we end up taking.

The less happy and more confused we become.

Because, there will always be something out there that might be better.

We know it is a constant challenge to take action.

Go on an information diet to avoid overwhelm.

Your happiness and consistency will improve.


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