July 29

Should You Save Calories For Later?


For some of us, saving calories for later can be a great idea!


We are able to fast, or eat really lightly during the day and save up our calories for a family meal or a special event.


However, it can have an ugly flip side.


We can find ourselves banking calories but then overeating and ending up having too many calories overall.


It is important to find out which works best for you.


For some of us it can be a game changer.


For people who enjoy larger meals, they can space them out further.


For people who are genuinely not hungry in the morning, they can save them for a ‘normal’ family meal in the evening.


Or maybe, for people able to fast during the day, it can mean a great night out without having to worry too much?


It can not  though be an excuse to just go OTT and eat everything that’s not nailed down.


It all starts to fall over if you let yourself get too hungry and then overeat.


If you think because you have banked your calories, you don’t need to worry and just graze away mindlessly.


Or, you think you have ‘earned’ the right to eat whatever you like in whatever quantities and go bonkers at the buffet.


This is when the whole idea falls flat on it’s face.


It is time to consider if this is really the best plan.


Maybe you are someone who is not hungry in the morning and you have nothing for breakfast.


Could this mean that you are actually overeating later in the day?


Have a think about whether you are eating too much for your evening meal and/or snacks during the evening.


If you are then that could be why you are not hungry in the morning.


You will also be heavier as well, with more food in your system in the morning.


Perhaps a better route could be smaller, regular meals.


Something pretty small and easy for breakfast.


Then a decent but low calorie lunch – high in volume, fibre and protein.


Potatoes are great for volume while being really quite low in calories.


Eat the meal slowly, enjoy it, check in with your hunger levels along the way and stop when you are satisfied – not full.


This would still add up to a low calorie day and leave you with plenty to enjoy a good meal in the evening.


Without such a risk of over eating due to over-hunger.


If you are going out, remember;


Eat Slowly.

Enjoy Every Mouthful.

Have Small Servings of the Food You Really Want.

Consistently Check In With Your Hunger.

You Don’t Have To Try Everything.

Stop When Satisfied.

Don’t Tie Your Enjoyment Of The Event With Eating Any And All Of The Food And Drink.



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