December 17

Should You Have Treats Daily?


How are you feeling about your advent calendar right now?

Is it something you are enjoying every day?

Or have you already eaten all of it?

Often, when we believe we shouldn’t have this or that food in the house, we end up bingeing on it “to get rid of it”.

These negative thoughts need to be challenged.

Having a daily treat, is absolutely fine.

Avoid thinking of food as good or bad.

There is a spectrum of food, ranging from higher calorie, lower nutrient to lower calories, higher nutrient.

None of this makes any of them inherently good or bad.

The advent calendar could be considered the perfect example of a mindful treat.

You are having a very small portion of chocolate each day.

Maybe no more than 20 calories.

Certainly not enough to push you over your daily amount.

It can help you get used to really enjoying something small.

If you find yourself struggling with overeating episodes, this practice can be really helpful.

You will feel less restricted and less likely to overeat at the weekend.


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