November 26

Should You Be Eating That?


Next time anyone asks you this question, the answer is always yes!

I would guess that all of us who have ever been on a diet, or trying to manage our bodyweight, will have heard this question.

It is often asked by people who know very little about food.

I get asked it very often.

As a nutritionist and weight loss coach, people love to question my food choices.

They see me tucking into a burger at a barbecue and pounce.

It is driven by the very skewed view of healthy eating that a lot of us have.

There is absolutely nothing inherently wrong with chocolate, pizza, burgers, ice cream. crisps or any food.

But, there are so many conflicting opinions, it is hard to know what is good for us and what is not.

If you are currently trying to lose body fat then you probably hear it quite a lot.

People may think they are being supportive;

They are trying to help;

But it can hurt and can make us question our decisions and choices.

Remember this:

Especially, with regards to bodyweight management;

Calorie intake is the single most important thing to worry about.

Once you have your calorie intake nailed, you can think about food quality.


No single food will make you fat and unhealthy.

No single food will make you slim and healthy.

Look at the ingredients of pizza for example;

You have some bread, some tomatoes, maybe other veg, some processed meat and some cheese.

None of these things are ‘bad’.

Yes, in our overall diet, we need to think about calorie content, the amount of processing and the nutrients in our food.

The more we can think about food as being on a spectrum, the happier we will be.

Next time someone asks you the question, the answer is always “yes”.

Then you can explain and maybe educate them a little.


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