October 12

Setting Yourself Up For A Good Night’s Sleep


By now we probably all know that sleep is very important, but it can seem a bit boring.


More and more I am realising that it is no good just telling people to get more sleep.


It is important to address their routine before bed.


If you set yourself a target of 7 hours sleep and you have to be up at 6, then you may go to bed at 11pm.


The snag with this is that you then have to brush your teeth, set your alarm, get changed and maybe generally fiddle around!


It could well be after 11:30 before you are in bed, winding down.


There is strong evidence that 7 – 9 hours sleep is optimal for most adults.


If you are training hard, you should be looking at the upper end of this.


So, if you need to be asleep by 11 to meet your target, then you should start your pre-bed routine around 10:15 – 10:30.


You can set an alarm for this if necessary.


Get your phone set up for Do Not Disturb at that time (or even earlier if you like)


Set it up for all your apps to go off until morning.


This is a great set up for a complete digital detox before bed.


Leave your phone in another room if you can and just use a regular alarm clock.


Have a warm bath or shower.


This is not only relaxing, but your warm body will start to cool itself which is perfect for getting sleepy.


If you have a bath, do not take your phone with you.


Read a book, listen to music or just sit peacefully and relax.


Keep your bedroom as dark and cool as possible.


It should always be cooler than your living area.


Keep it as quiet as possible too, use white noise or sleep mediations if you like.


This should all help you get a better night’s sleep.


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