September 2

Sammy’s Next Step Journey


Sammy Wright is a CrossFit athlete and coach who co-owns CrossFit Utopia in Morley, Leeds. He came to me for help just over a year ago in maximising his nutrition for CrossFit competitions. He was a fit lad but wanted to take things up a gear and find that final extra % to his performance. It’s safe to say we did some good.

Running into sanctionals like…


While working with me Sammy has won the Bodypower Games individual competition and featured in a high-ranking Sanctional Event as well. Before working with me, Sammy was stuck in an overly ‘clean-eating’ regimen and found his energy levels were poor. He did not have the correct fuel to power his intense training bouts and his busy days on the gym floor coaching and managing an affiliate. He also didn’t think that nutrition would make him any fitter…


Well, I proved him wrong. Not only has he smashed his own personal competition goals, but he has also managed to lose some body fat (not that he had that much to lose) and improve his overall performance and energy levels. He’s also seen great mental gains with his approach to food and balance in and outside of the gym. We continue to work together now with the goal of getting on a podium at a Sanctional event and winning a spot to the CrossFit Games.


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Don’t wanna sound like I’m kissing arse here but the difference I’ve felt is huge. Deffo couldn’t have got to sanctional level without your help mate. I owe it to you!


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