February 11

Rob’s Next Step Journey


Meet Rob.

Rob was training in his local CrossFit gym before he came to Next Step.

He had lost his mojo for training.

He hadn’t seen any markable progress for quite a few months, and although he new his gains would slow down, they seemed to have stopped altogether.

Not only that, but Rob noticed his weaknesses weren’t any better.

And he seemed to be constantly in pain and/or tired.

Sound familiar?

So Rob got in touch for a free consultation

We discussed that his movement limitations were causing pain as he was adding weight and intensity too soon.

I also helped Rob realise that weaknesses would require targeted work to help improve.

An individual program takes care of all of these things for Rob.

We’ve taken the intensity out, focused on movement patterns and strength building, and already Rob has been seeing the benefits.

Rob’s story

“After the short time I’ve been one of Jonny’s clients I’ve had amazing results. I’ve found a new found love for training and get excited for every session. I wouldn’t want to have anyone else as my coach.

I was weary at first as it was something I’ve never done before. It was the complete unknown using online programming.

However, Jonny completely overcame this reservation by actually caring about he was doing and by listening to what I want and designing the programme around me.

I started with Jonny at Next Step to get better at all things CrossFit, and to be able to finally do handstand push ups.

In just several months I’ve achieved deeper squats, I’m very close to HSPUs, muscle ups, and even pistol squats.

My pushing strength has gone up and I’m generally a lot fitter.

Plus my mobility has drastically improved which was not originally a goal of mine.

I would highly recommend Jonny and Next Step to anyone looking to improve their fitness goals.”

Want gains like Rob?

If you’re stuck in a rut with your training, why not book a free consultation with me here

From this call, we can talk about your goals, and how an individual training program could help you achieve them faster.


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