February 27

Rick’s Next Step Journey


Meet Rick.

Before Rick came to Next Step he had reached a plateau in his training.

Not only that, but with a recent relocation with work, it seemed his routine was all over the place.

Despite trying hard to get back into the swing of things, Rick found that he was not seeing the results he would like.

He had found himself ‘out of shape’ compared to previous years, and wanted to get that fitness back,

Confused as to what to do next, Rick got in touch about a personal workout program.

What Happened Next?

I put Rick onto a personalised program designed just for him.

After assessing his movement and strengths/weaknesses, I was able to put together a program for him to make progress towards his goals.

Since starting with Next Step, Rick has seen improved energy levels both in and outside the gym.

It’s safe to say he’s definitely over the plateau he found himself in before.

Rick’s Thoughts:

At first I wondered whether having a coach remotely would be effective, and how I could improve technique on movements when coach is not there with me.

I also wondered whether monthly cost was a bit much for what I was after.

However, the ease of communication via the TrueCoach app and quick responsiveness has been really useful. I have found that describing how the workouts went for me, if I felt any aches etc. enabled you to provide tailored advice.

The app allows videos to be uploaded so you can see how my technique is and advise accordingly, did not realise how useful it would be to see recordings of myself doing movements.

I’m seeing results so am getting value out of the programming, very pleased.

Still early days, but at the moment I have:

  • Improved my endurance
  • Improved my strength
  • Seen quick results and improvements

It also seems to be having a positive effect on my running which was not a previous goal.

All in all, it’s been a very positive experience with Next Step and I’m excited to see where we go next.”

In Conclusion:

At Next Step, no 2 clients are the same.

Everyone is an individual, your program should reflect that.

If you want to achieve results like Rick, get in touch for a free consultation today


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