August 19

Rich’s Next Step Journey

Through my journey, I have seen an improvement in my strength, endurance, and recovery after training and have also learned that there is no need to fear certain food types.

Rich’s Next Step Journey

Generally, I was reasonably fit, but overweight, doughy and generally not very happy with my physique.

When Jonny and I started working together my goals were simple, lose a bunch of weight. I wanted to get down to 75kg (from 87kg). This did not work out in the end, but what I’ve learned is that that’s ok. I’ve stabilized at a lovely 80kg, and I accepted that the extra 5kg was just not possible with my lifestyle. I enjoy beer. I enjoy pizza (I have Pizza Thursdays). I enjoy the unhealthier things in life a little too much to drop that extra 5kg.

It’s been an interesting year, taking control of my relationship with food (I’ve always been a bit of a yoyo-er) but now I feel like I’m pretty much in charge of my body. Mostly. I’ve lost around 7kg and I feel like I’m much more confident in keeping it off! I’ve also increased most of my lifts and CrossFit benchmark times in this period too, so I haven’t sacrificed muscle!

One of the main things I’ve learned over the past year is, other than how to control my intake of food and cravings and eat healthily and fulfilling through macros, that you have to find what works for you, and what you’re willing to do to get to your goals. I also found out I wasn’t willing to change my lifestyle enough to hit my (arbitrary) initial goal. But I’m pretty happy with how things have panned out!

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