September 6

Rea Drops 8kg While Living A Normal Life.


What was your biggest challenge when you came to Next Step Nutrition?


Weight loss!  I was trying to lose weight by restricting my calories, but I was massively undereating and then overeating to compensate, meaning my weight wasn’t going down


How did it make you feel?


Disheartened – I didn’t know what was best to try next and was overwhelmed by the various diets on the market.


What changed through working with us?


I have developed a much better understanding of flexible eating, managing a calorie deficit and what I am choosing to eat. I am eating more nutritious food and losing weight consistently.


What specific results can you share?


I have dropped over 8kg in 8 weeks through simple changes like adding protein powder to my porridge.


What would you say to someone on the fence about working with us?


I absolutely wouldn’t hesitate to work with Jonny – he educates you for life so you can manage your weight for the long term. It’s an education not a diet!


Anything else you would like to add?


You keep the programme clear and easy to follow which is why it works! You aren’t obsessed with good/bad but appreciate normal life and how to flex to fit eating well into this.


How likely are you to recommend Next Step Nutrition? 









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