September 24

Preparing For A Weekend On The Sesh


How can we get ‘on the sesh’ without affecting our goals?


Firstly of course, it depends on the goal.


If your goal is maintaining your current weight, then an occasional weekend Stag, Hen, Wedding or other big social event should not really be too difficult to manage.


Maybe eating a little bit lighter in the week running up to it, being a bit careful for a few days after and you should be fine.


If your goal is muscle gain then you do need to be aware that the alcohol will have some effect on your recovery.


It is a good idea to limit training in the run up to the event, maybe schedule in a de-load week.


Then train a little lighter for a couple of days after, to allow for oxidising of the alcohol and a good recovery.


If your goal is weight loss then it will require a bit more effort.


A good idea is to lessen your calories in the week before your event.


There is no need to track calories, you can go for higher volume, lower calorie foods, plenty of lean protein, no snacks and smaller portions.


On the actual day, eat as low fat as you possibly can.


This is because any excess calories consumed as fat will be stored as body fat.


Your body has to work much harder to convert carbohydrate to body fat, preferring to store it as glycogen to be used for energy or oxidised.


Alcohol can not be stored by the body, so has to be oxidised which means it will be oxidised before any other food.


If you are not hungry then do not eat.


The next morning, if you are feeling rough, get a coffee on board and go for a good walk.


This will do you much better than a greasy fry-up.


Finally, remember to enjoy the event!


Stag dos, Hen dos, Weddings and Birthdays are rare events and we should enjoy them to the full.


It is the sum of your actions that matters most.


You are not likely to put on body fat in such a short period of time, unless you really, really go massively overboard.


If your goal is weight loss, you may find that the average calories over the whole week, allow you to just maintain your weight that week.


Then you can get back onto your deficit.


If ‘a weekend on the sesh’ is not a rare event for you and you find yourself drinking excessively every weekend then that is another matter.


I would suggest that you look again at your ‘Why?’


Your actions impact on your goals.


This is also true with food.


Remember, cheat weekends do not exist!


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