November 11

Overcoming Cravings With The NN Effect


Noticing and Naming can help us to become hyper aware of our thoughts, feelings and actions.

This then allows us to understand and change our behaviours.

The technique can be an absolute godsend for overcoming cravings and for building new routines and behaviours.

It is a far more reliable method for becoming, more of who you want to be, than simply wishing you had more will power!

The problem is, a lot of the time, we have no idea why we ate that whole packet of biscuits or all that chocolate when we weren’t even hungry anyway.

We kick ourselves and say we need more motivation and/or will power.

What we really need, is to understand why we have these cravings.

This is where Noticing and Naming comes in.

When we are mindful of our thoughts, feelings and behaviours, we can change.

We can use the STOPP technique to divert ourselves to something else.

If we are not aware of our thoughts and feelings, we are unlikely to change.

We are sleepwalking and doing things mindlessly.

Awareness itself, can change behaviours.

For example, if you become aware, that when you are stressed at work, you binge on chocolate;

The very fact that you are aware of that will help next time you are stressed.

Harness the power of awareness in order to start to change behaviours.

Pick a moment and pay attention to what you are doing.

It sounds easy, but think about how many things compete for our attention.

Stop and think about what you are feeling, thinking, experiencing in the moment.

Observation is awareness.

This awareness should not be judgmental.

You are just analysing, feeling, noticing, that is all.

As you start noticing, your habits, your thoughts and your behaviours;

You are able to notice what time of the day you are most likely to snack mindlessly.

You will be able to notice both positive and negative triggers.

What happens when you have a really tight deadline at work and are under a lot of stress?

Do you feel like reaching for something sweet if you are yelled at by the boss?

What inspires you to get home from work, have a lovely meal with loads of veggies and protein, then go for a walk?

What triggers you to order pizza and then sit on the sofa with the ice cream and sweets?

The problem is not with pizza and sweets, it is with overeating in response to boredom, stress or loneliness.

Start to notice these things.

Start to be aware of your triggers and behaviours.

Start to notice when your cravings kick in the most.

Once you are aware and can Notice and Name, you can start to change your behaviours.


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