July 14

Overcoming Boredom Eating


We probably all succumb to boredom eating from time to time.


I know I do.


My wish for all of us is to live life to the full, eating the foods we love, whilst reaching our goals.


Things like eating through boredom, or stress, or other emotion, can really hold us back.


With a lot of us still working from home, it is easier than it’s ever been and I know lots of people have struggled with it.


We don’t have the normal busyness of our office or workplace environment to keep us going, we hit a bit of a wall with work and it’s all to easy to delve into the cupboards…


One of the main problems with this is that we are often completely unaware of just how many calories we are taking in.


We don’t tend to track these foods and we may make many trips to the snack cupboard in the course of a long day.


What is the root of the issue?


Are we bored with the work we are doing?


Are we just bored and fed up of being a home so much?


We can then attack the root of the issue!


Ask ourselves, ‘what am I thinking when I reach into this cupboard for this food?’


Replace that action with another action:


  • Take a break from your work
  • Go for a short walk
  • Bounce on a trampoline for 10 minutes
  • Do some push ups
  • Or some squats.
  • Have a drink of water.


Is your environment set up for success?


Now as you all know, I am against being restrictive with food and my wish for all of us is that we can get to the place where we can happily have snack foods in the house without ‘having to’ binge on them.


However, think about where you are right now.


What works best for you right now?


Do not start labelling food as ‘bad’ and banning it from your house.


(You will then be even more likely to binge on it)


But do set up your environment for success.


Think about having smaller servings of certain foods;


Multipacks of small bags rather than large ‘family’ bags,


Perhaps funsize confectionary,


I have recently started portioning up a large cake and freezing it so that when I really, really fancy a piece of cake, I can just defrost the one portion.


Prime your own environment for your own success.


Use the STOPP technique we talked about recently:


S – Stop and take a moment


T – Take a breath


O – Observe (what are you feeling/thinking etc)


P – Pull Back


P– Practice (doing something else instead)


The great thing is that this technique works not only for boredom eating but for stress and other emotional eating also.







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