You’ve Been Gaslighted By The Health And Fitness Industry

If You’ve Ever Thought There’s Something Wrong With You If You Can’t Sustain Body Fat Levels That Would Worry Bob Geldof… This Is For You.


That’s how many recognised diets there are in the world.

And I bet it feels like you’ve done Every. Damn. One. 

When clients come to me, they’ve already been around the block a bit trying to get in shape. 

They’re self-proclaimed serial dieters, stuck in a cycle of being 100% “on it” - tracking and weighing everything…

It can feel like you’re a part time mathematician!

...Or they’re 100% “off it”.

The fuck it button has been well and truly smashed. 

But this cycle of trying to lose weight and always feeling like you’re on a diet is a lot of effort without much progress.

And that can lead to a disordered relationship with food. 

No one could knock them for a lack of effort. They’ve had more Monday restarts than most.

But it’s not just a case of “trying again”, and whiteknuckling it through another wrong fit approach.

It’s not a case of “just not wanting it badly enough” and trying to find that elusive next gear where it all slots into place.

You don’t lack willpower. There’s nothing wrong with you.

And the fact that you’d even think that shows just how deep the problems with the health and fitness industry go.

Everyone that tries and inevitably fails to get results with weight loss programmes that don’t work.

And because of the embarrassment, or even shame, of always trying again...

You might have come to believe that you’re the problem. 

That you’re destined to just be “the bigger one” in your friendship group.

Or that you don’t want it enough, and other people have some abundance of self control that you don’t have.

And maybe, over the decades, you’ve started to question if this is ever something you’ll get a handle on for more than a few months at a time.

People who work with me don’t want to be cover model shredded.
  1. 1
    They just want to feel okay about their bodies and be in decent nick year round.
  2. 2
    They want to get off the relentless treadmill of “on it or off it” and find a way to respect their body with food.
  3. 3
    They want to buy clothes off the peg in high street shops, confident that they’ll fit the way they should.
But more than anything… They just want the background commentary of this running around their heads to stop. Forever.

Brad Bennett - Lost Over 20kgs

Before working with Next Step Nutrition, I was desperate to find consistency and balance with knowledge regarding my food and exercise.

In the time working with them I've achieved 20kgs of weight loss and a shift of focus to more performance and task orientated goals which I’m really enjoying. Including upcoming running events.

My self-confidence has massively improved and many things that I didn’t think I used to be able to I now do. I have so little less excuses.

They have worked with me to give me the confidence, knowledge and facts about nutrition and helped me get on the path to where I want to be. Without them, I’d still be stuck in the crazy cycle I was.

Jo Chamberlain - Lost Over 30kgs

Before working with Next Step Nutrition, I felt like a failure as I’d lose a bit of weight and then put it (and more) back on again.

But through working with them I learnt how to eat in a way that I could sustain. Completely changed my relationship with food and was able to maintain my weight loss. 

During my time working with them and the following years implementing the strategies they taught me and the mindset they allowed me to form around food, I have lost and kept off over 30kg.

If I could go back in time I would work with them all over again. The confidence they helped me build in my ability to lose weight will forever stay with me.

Throughout the whole process I was able to enjoy life events like holidays, birthdays etc whilst still losing weight.

Most importantly, they provided education meaning I continued to lose and maintain my weight loss long after working with them. 

Laban Cook - Lost 20kgs & Counting

Before working with Next Step Nutrition, I struggled maintaining any weight loss.

It was embarrassing being overweight. It was also embarrassing to lose weight multiple times only to gain it back in six months or a year.

While working with NSN, I improved my relationship with food and was able to build many small habits that help me enjoy food while maintaining a calorie deficit over time.

I have lost over 40 pounds over twelve months while still enjoying a whole variety of foods. I have built habits that include exercising 4 days per week and focusing on workout enjoyment, increased protein intake, drinking more water, increasing my average daily step count from 8,500 last year to 11,500 this year.

If you're like me and have spent years overweight or unable to maintain weight loss, focusing on what the scales say won't help you or make you feel any better. Jumping onto quick fix fads or 8 week extreme diets will not address the underlying issues.

Instead, work with NSN to develop a healthy mindset, identify and address the psychological barriers that sabotage you, and build many small healthy habits that accumulate over time to lose weight and keep it off. I will finish this year as a thin, vibrant, healthy person for the first time in over twenty years.

When people come to Next Step Nutrition, they’ve tried so many different things to get the results they want…

Diet clubs. 

Extreme approaches like long periods of fasting. 

Taking expensive supplements that do little except make them anxious...

...but they’ve learned a ton about what they like and don’t like with this experimentation.

It’s actually really useful, because every approach will have some element that works for you. 

Whether that’s the social element, or the simplicity and clarity of the approach.

So we don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. We keep what works… and discard the rest.

This gives us an unfair advantage over other programmes that are just cookie cutter templates…

Sorry: “leveraged”.

  • I identify hidden opportunities that already exist in your diet strategy toolbox to optimise the things you’re already strong at…
  • Help you to detect the main bottlenecks that are causing problems and causing you to go off track before the result is fully achieved…
  • Laser in on overlooked liabilities that could mean your progress stalls, or never feels like it really gets off the ground in the first place…
  • And we develop a clear, simple, action plan that works for your lifestyle. No BS, just stuff that works.

Jonny Landels

I’m Jonny. A certified Master Health Coach & nutritionist with 11 years in the industry. I’ve helped 237 people to lose an approximate total of 1.63 tons of weight.

Next Step Nutrition Founder

At Next Step Nutrition, I do things a little differently...

You might say I have a very particular set of skills.

- Licensing eh

I use the MI style of coaching. 

So where other coaches try to force you to adhere to a scientifically backed diet…

Which works great, but only if you can actually stick to it.

I flip that on its head.

I use scientifically backed coaching methods to make your habits feel easy.

I focus on the part where sticking to it feels easy. Because you can have the best, most advanced nutritional plan in the world…

But if you’re smuggling biscuits into the bathroom at every whip stitch…

It’s simply not working for you.

MI is the “secret formula” which means I can create more behaviour change for serial dieters in just 6 months than most people achieve on their own in 6 years.

It’s highly potent, and completely client-centred. 

So there’s no worries about not being able to make it work for you.

Or that you’ve tried every diet under the sun and fell off in a matter of weeks.

Because it’s not about what YOU do with the programme.

It’s about what WE can do together with the coaching method.

Just show up with the attitude of being coachable… and leave it all to me. 

Using the MI method, I have been able to help these wonderful humans achieve results like these...

Jenny Landels - Lost Over 20kgs

I was scared that if I didn’t track my food then I would be out of control and the weight would just pile back on

I had convinced myself that I basically had no self-control where certain foods were concerned. 

Slowly but surely I learned that if I really wanted something I could have it. That I could learn to balance out highs and lows in terms of calories, just by using common sense. 

I learned new habits that I have maintained and I employ now with ease. I have taken on a new identity now. I am a fit, healthy person who eats well and goes to the gym regularly.

I have been on cruises and been to family weddings, all of which I have enjoyed fully. I have eaten and drunk without feeling deprived.

One of the best things for me has been going shopping for clothes and actually choosing things that I like rather than settling for things that fit and cover me up! 

I have so enjoyed dressing up and going out and getting compliments from family and friends. Dancing on nearly empty dance floors on cruises without feeling embarrassed - all these things I wish I hadn’t waited till my 50s to do.

Shaun Samonini - Lost Over 10kgs

Before working with NSN, I always felt like I wasn't in control of eating and my weight.

This made me feel powerless.

After working with NSN I gained an understanding of my inner dialogue. I felt in charge and had power over my decisions. I was able to be flexible without ever losing control. It was eye-opening and led me to question everything I'd read. I learned to trust a coach.

I lost over 10 kgs in about a year. Steady weight loss, muscle gain. My body changed shape.

Trust that NSN want the best for you in all areas of your life. The answers aren't out there, they are a phone call away to someone who actually cares about your well being and your journey. 

I loved it so much I then became a coach for NSN!

Rea Lawrenson - Lost Over 8kgs

Before working with NSN I struggled with weight loss - I was trying to lose weight by restricting my calories but I was massively under-eating and then overeating to compensate meaning my weight wasn’t going down 

This made me feel disheartened - I didn’t know what was best to try next and was overwhelmed by the various diets on the market

Through working with NSN I have developed a much better understanding of flexible eating, managing a calorie deficit and what I am choosing to eat. I am eating more nutritious food and losing weight consistently.

I dropped over 8kg in 12 weeks or so through simple changes like adding protein powder to my porridge.

I absolutely wouldn’t hesitate to work with NSN - they educate you for life so you can manage your weight for the long term. It’s an education not a diet!

They keep the programme clear and easy to follow which is why but works! You aren’t obsessed with good/bad but appreciate normal life and how to flex to fit eating well into this

As you can see, these guys smashed it. 

Frankly, coming to Next Step Nutrition was a big decision for them. They were cynical about how an online programme could work, where face to face “solutions” had failed them.

But online coaching is actually a perfect medium for what we’re trying to do. 

Because it allows you to make progress at your own pace, in a way which is respectful of your emotional connection with change.

This would actually be harder face to face because of the emotional barriers we’ve put in place around food, and changing behaviours.

Let me tell you a bit about what you actually “get”...

We work together for 6 months and follow a planned curriculum focused on habit change. This means you get to work at your own pace. 

This isn’t a typical online programme, where you’re bundled along at breakneck speed for 6 weeks for an emaciated before and after photo and kicked to the curb. 

Behaviour change takes time, and I want to give you the space to develop those skills in a controlled environment.

You get access to an incredible closed-door community. 

That means round the clock support for any questions you have, sure. 

But more important - you’ll get to know the people that are doing this with you. You’ll leave the programme not just in great shape…

But with a circle of new friends, all sustaining the same incredible healthy behaviours as you. 

That’s the key to long lasting change, by the way.

One of my favourite parts of the programme are the weekly live group calls. 

These are included as standard, where we deep dive into behavioural change strategies and tactics. These are group calls, so you can chat to people who are on the exact same journey as you, and share what’s working now for you. 

These interactive Q&A sessions are some of the most effective peer learning opportunities in the whole 6 months, and while they will be recorded, there’s nothing quite like being there live.

The 1-2-1 calls are scheduled each fortnight, so we can build on your starting steps together and use CBT-based strategies to improve your relationship with food and prevent any self-sabotage.

The scientifically backed MI style coaching is the most pivotal behavioural change component you’ll need. 

The best thing is that you can leave that completely to me. Show up, with an open mind - and it will work. 

It’s almost magic.

And It’s Guaranteed To Work


Yep. 100% money back guarantee.

I’m so confident that this is the last programme that you’ll ever need that I take all the risk.

I’m certain enough to do this, because delivering life changing results through MI coaching is all on us. And I know it works because I’ve seen it literally 237 times.

Even for people that have never had success with traditional dieting.

So if you can make a commitment to yourself that you can show up with a coachable attitude for 2-3 hours a week for the next 6 months…?

I am so sure that YOU WILL make progress that I’m more than happy to provide a money back guarantee.

And if for some freak of nature reason this doesn’t work?

I’ll insist on personally refunding every penny to you myself. No questions asked.

I take every shred of risk because I’m just THAT confident.

Does that sound fair?

If so, let's have a chat about it first, just to make sure I'm right for you, and you're right for me.

Book yours below 👇