October 4

Noel’s Journey


Noel’s Next Step Journey

“I wanted to lean out, get stronger and develop my knowledge and understanding of nutrition. Next Step Nutrition helped me smash all of these goals.”


Noel came to me as a busy, father of 2, who wanted to be able to eat healthily and improve his performance in the gym.


While still being able to eat out and enjoy time with his family during his down time.


Noel was put on the Performance Plan, and during this time managed to lose fat, and then regain muscle.


He was still being able to eat out and at home with his family or with his friends, without being a social recluse or wrecking his progress.


“My understanding of nutrition and the impact of different foods on my body has vastly improved since working with Jonny.


I love the flexibility of his approach and the simplicity of the program, but the biggest thing I learnt was that good habits and the way we approach what we eat is a long term strategy.


It’s not a quick fix. It’s a life change. Next Step Nutrition has always been available when I’ve needed them, and were constantly helping and encouraging me along the way. Thank you Jonny!”


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