June 18

My Journey Through Depression & How It Can Help You Too


This is not an easy subject for us to discuss.


It is a shame that there is still a stigma attached to mental illness


I personally feel it is even harder for men to talk about as well.


I have always been a jovial sort of a guy.


As you will know, if you’ve read or listened to much of my other material,


I was a larger guy and I played into the ‘big and jolly’ stereotype.


I did find myself becoming depressed in my mid-20s and I didn’t really know why or what to do about it.


Fast forward a couple of years and I was doing my certification with Mac Uni


I also became self-employed full time.


This led to anxiety for a number of reasons,


I no longer had the security of even a part time coaching wage coming in,


I worried about getting enough clients and about giving them a good service.


There’s was loads to worry about.


I was also struggling with my self confidence as well.


I finally sought out a therapist and committed to a course of therapy,


I also started using the Headspace app and meditating regularly.


Another thing that was a massive help to me was the book


Confidence 2.0 by Rob Yeung and I would heartily recommend it.


He tells us that ‘confidence is not one thing’


“It’s not a single quality that you either do or don’t have”


He uses a table in his book showing the types of inward and outward confidence that I found very helpful;



I spent a long time struggling with either ruminating about the past or worrying about the future


I learned more about mindfulness and started working on living in the present.


I clawed my way out and I also learned that I need to pay more attention to my mood in the winter!


Like many people, I am adversely affected by the lack of sunlight.


Things that have helped me enormously are;


  • Daily meditation
  • Reading the Daily Stoic
  • Going back to amateur musical theatre – I had given all that up when working as a coach
  • Playing more sport, I now belong to a local cricket team
  • Making time with friends and loved ones a priority


I am definitely now a more rounded individual and I am much happier.


If you are struggling then I would urge you to reach out to someone.


If you would like to reach out to me, then please do so, I will send you some resources that have helped me.






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