September 29

Mr Next Step


I was always a big kid.


I wasn’t always overweight, but I definitely went through an extended puppy fat phase that would last for the majority of my childhood and adolescence.


Even as I got older, I struggled to find a figure that I was happy with.


This stemmed down to my lack of knowledge on nutrition. I had no idea what I should be eating.


In 2011 my journey into CrossFit began, and so did my adoption of the “Paleo Diet”, which is a more sophisticated Atkins Diet to put it simply.


This foray into the Paleo Diet lead to even further confusion as to what foods were healthy and how to eat properly to fuel athletic performance.


Fast track 4 years down the line and a further 4 years into CrossFit, now a full-time coach as well as recreational athlete, and I still didn’t really have any working knowledge on nutrition.


I felt like this was holding me back both in my performance and my appearance. I wanted to understand more about nutrition.


In 2016 I enrolled on to the Precision Nutrition Certification programme.


Whilst on the course, and since completing it, I have worked with numerous clients.


Helping them to achieve their goals – both aesthetic and performance based. Helping them learn more about healthy food choices.


Learn about better eating habits and how eating can affect their daily energy levels as well as athletic performance.


My mission is to educate people about food and to clear up the nutrition myths that surround and confuse us on a daily basis


There’s no bulls**t here. No quick fix. No “6 weeks to flat abs”.


Just real advice, coaching, and accountability, that brings real results.


That’s where I come in. I’m not about ‘diets’. I’m about small lifestyle changes that make a big difference.


We could all use a better understanding and knowledge of nutrition so that we can better educate our children and our children’s children.


So that we can combat obesity, type-two diabetes, and other lifestyle related diseases at the source.


I look forward to hearing from you.



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