May 16

Mr Next Step’s Journey Since The Beginning


I started Next Step Nutrition back in September 2016 to pursue my passion of helping others conquer their relationships with food.

The mission of Next Step Nutrition is to clear up the myths surrounding nutrition, fitness, and health.

In today’s world it can be hard to wade through the information and find out what really works for us as individuals.

That’s why I started Next Step Nutrition, to help others reach their full potential through food.

Where is Next Step Nutrition now?

Through the last 8-9 months I have been focusing on providing educational content. This has been through the blogs and through my email list (which you can sign up to here).

This content is designed to provide as much help as possible. I write about nutritional questions and myths, as well as provide actionable advice to improve people’s habits.

A key part of my mission statement is to provide useful content and education. As such, I have delivered seminars at several CrossFit gyms, including TRAIN Manchester and CrossFit Hawkeye.

These seminars are great for members to learn the basics of nutrition for athletic performance and health.

As part of the seminar I outline the levels of importance regarding nutrition. Members then learn where they should be spending the majority of their efforts.

If you’re a gym owner interested in hosting a seminar, then simply send me an email.

Coaching Services

Alongside the content I provide I have also been working with a range of people one to one.

My clients range from athletes looking to improve their performance to parents wanting to improve their health and body composition.

My service is a monthly offering as I believe in educating the individual about food choices and how this affects them.

This also allows me to make adjustments where necessary for continued improvement.

“If you give a man a fish, he will eat for a day, if you teach a man to fish, he will eat for the rest of his life”.

My aim with the coaching service is to educate my clients and provide them with the platform to survive by themselves.

I work with my clients to improve their habits so they can maintain results.

I prefer referral business, not repeat business.

Continued Education

The more you know the more you don’t know


I have continued to develop my knowledge surrounding nutrition and lifestyle science and coaching.

As part of this I subscribe to several research reviews regarding nutrition and fitness.

I also have recently enrolled onto the OPEX Fitness Complete Coach Program.

This 5 part course has full modules on Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching. I am continuing to add in what I learn to my practise with clients.

Nutritional coaching is completely client-centred.

For the prescription to work, it has to align with the client’s goals and priorities.

It is my mission to align these two to bring about positive change to the individual’s health and wellbeing.

This is why you don’t see adverts for 30 day plans, 6 week challenges, or get fit quick schemes.

I believe in being fit and healthy for the long haul.

Commit to the process, and reap the rewards for life.

If you have any questions, please feel free to send me a message.

Thank you for reading and for sharing this journey with me.



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