Want To Lose Body Fat Without Counting Calories, Giving Up Favourite Foods Or Going To Extremes?

Join The FREE 5-Day Mindful Weight Loss Challenge and in 5 days you will discover how to use simple habits to help you overcome cravings, leave the all or nothing mindset behind, adjust your portions without feeling restricted and start to lose the fat you've not been able to for years.

All without giving up the foods you love, alcohol or doing extreme exercise

After the 5-days you'll be able to:

Lose fat without counting calories or relying on extreme measures

Overcome your cravings that leave you at the bottom of the biscuit barrel

Adopt a new mindset to healthy eating, leaving the all or nothing ways behind you

Use new techniques to prevent boredom, stress & emotional eating/drinking

Understand how to overcome the obstacles holding you back from the body you deserve

Obliterate self-beliefs that are keeping you stuck where you are

Meet The Team:


Jonny is the owner and Head Coach of Next Step Nutrition Ltd, an online Nutrition & Fitness coaching company dedicated to keeping food and exercise simple. Healthy eating today is more complicated than ever, Next Step Nutrition aims to keep it simple so people can improve the quality of their lives.

Jonny is a certified nutritionist and online personal trainer, with years of experience in the industry and over 100 happy clients. As well as working with clients 1-1, Jonny has created online courses, programs and delivers seminars to businesses and organisations across the country. He also regularly talks on BBC Radio.


"You see, it’s not enough to teach someone how to lose weight. The person we're helping has to have a big enough reason that they make lasting changes through deep exploration of their struggles. Once we know what drives them to make changes, we don’t dwell on it and keep revisiting it. We formulate a strategy, put a system or systems in place, and then we execute.

The most important element of any plan is coaching. It’s being there for your client to help, to hold them accountable, to listen, empathise, and meet them where they are, week to week. I’m lucky to have that kind of relationship with my coach.

Maybe you're like me?

You want to eat well, but when you’re stressed and tired, you end up eating ALLLL the calories to relieve some of that stress.⁣ You reach for high-reward foods and end up overeating.⁣⁣ The next thing you know, it’s 1 am and you need to be up at 6.⁣⁣ And the cycle continues.⁣⁣ ⁣⁣Sound familiar?⁣⁣

We can help"

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