July 13

Meal Prep. Do You Need To Do It?


I know some people swear by meal prep but is it actually necessary?


Would we perhaps be better placing our focus and effort elsewhere?


Do we believe we should be eating certain foods at certain times?


Eating healthily is much more simple than that.


We just need to focus on:


  • Managing calories
  • Eating a wide variety of fruit and vegetables
  • Eating plenty of lean protein.


With this knowledge in mind it can be quite simple to find things to eat when we are out and about.


A chicken salad sandwich from a supermarket with a pot of bean salad for example.


This would be around 450 calories and easily fit into your daily allowance while providing some protein and plenty of fibre.


Not having pre-prepared food does not have to equal eating rubbish!


It is quite easy now to find foods in supermarkets and even garages that have reasonable calories, reasonable protein and reasonable fibre.


There are benefits to preparing your own food in advance;


  • You know what you are eating
  • You can get into a good routine
  • You know the calories and nutritional values
  • You may be less likely to snack
  • You don’t have to think about what you are going to eat


There are negatives as well;


  • You can be too strict
  • You can be too rigid and have no variety in your diet
  • You can find you are uncomfortable to eat out or go to social occasions.
  • You can become bored and then snack on top of the prepared food.


Don’t worry about food prep!


Focus on things you can do that will help you improve your eating habits.


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Remember –




Fruit and Vegetables






Then do not worry.


Have good food in the house and know how to make choices when you are out and about.



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