June 25

Leveraging Community To Achieve Results You Never Thought Possible


How can the power of community help you achieve better results?


Jim Rohn famously said that ‘you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with’


This rings true in many areas of our lives including fitness.


Athletes will seek out the best people in their discipline to train with.


Crossfitters do it often.


When Rich Froning was top of the game, people would clamour to train with him or like him.


Of course, when you are at a really elite level of performance you need a level of personalisation to your training,


but being in an atmosphere of hard work and success can do wonders for bringing people up.


If you have watched The Last Dance on Netflix you will have seen that Michael Jordan wanted the same success as he had with the Chicago Bulls for his team.


He actually treated his team members quite badly really in order to push them to their limits.


He wanted to get the best performance out of each of them so that as a team they could succeed and achieve glory.


You may have a poor opinion of him after watching it


but these examples are perfect to show that community and being with like minded people can help us achieve certain goals.


For those of you who have done group fitness, you know that the sense of community is really helpful,


we push each other, we have friendly competition amongst the group, we hold each other accountable.


There are often socials and real camaraderie, people will text you if you miss a session, it all works to keep you going.


How can you leverage community to achieve your current goal?


Can you surround yourself with people who are better than you, either in fitness, business or weight loss?


People who you can then emulate?


Can you put yourself into a community of high achievers?


If you can and you can identify what has been holding you back, you will overcome your limiting beliefs,


overcome what has been stopping you from doing what you need to do.


You will start to believe that you can be successful.


This is also a direct call to action – to look at the people who may  be holding you back.


Are there people in your life who don’t believe in you?


People who might not believe you can be successful?


People who might be subconsciously holding you back with their habits and actions as well?


Today, think about the five people you spend the most time with, are they helping or hindering?


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