August 13

Keeping Meals Simple


I have recently done a few seminars for the police and one of the things we have talked about a lot is keeping meals simple.


People are very busy and often do not have time to make complicated meals from scratch.


So how do we eat healthily and lose weight when we are too busy?


We need to;


  • Lower the barrier
  • Remember Priorities
  • Calories are king!


Managing the input and output of energy – calories in and out – is the number one priority for weight loss.


For health  we also need to sleep, hydrate, exercise and take in a variety of nutrients.


We can achieve the nutrients we need by eating mostly  whole foods.


However, a McDonalds meal is not devoid  of nutrients.


A chicken legend will have protein, fat, carbohydrates, some vitamins – it is real  food, just higher calorie because it is cooked in fat.


A chicken legend with barbecue sauce is 484 calories, if you coupled that with a carrot bag at 34 calories and a diet drink, you have a meal for little over 500 calories.


Compare this with a large big mac meal at 952 calories plus 488 calories for a large strawberry shake.


Wherever you go, you have a choice.


A roast dinner at a pub is all real food but will be over 1000 calories.


Make it simple.


A lower calorie ready meal with a good amount of protein is fine.


Add some frozen veg to make it even better.


Yes, there will be some salt in there but your body can manage salt in sensible doses.


Let’s move away from thinking that ready meals are all bad.


I love one-pot meals;


  • Chilli
  • Stir Frys – with pre-prepped veg if needs be!
  • Fajitas
  • Bolognaise
  • Curry


All of the above can have frozen veg used or added to bump up your vitamins while adding bulk not calories!


Slow cookers are great, if you can get organised to put them on in the morning – or even the night before!


Use spice mixes and jars of sauce, yes there may be some calories in them but they can be the basis of a healthy, well rounded meal.


Straight to wok noodles and pre-cooked rice packets are also great time savers.


Stop following super complex recipes unless you have loads of time and you really want to.


Stop thinking that healthy eating is just one  way or the wrong  way.




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