October 18

Jason’s Next Step Journey


Jason is the UK Business Development Manager for Shell, a father, husband, and corporate athlete dabbling in functional fitness.

It’s fair to say he has his hands full!

Jason came to me because he was struggling to balance his nutrition, his exercise, and his work/family life all at the same time.

A problem I bet a lot of you reading this can relate to.

It is tough trying to figure out what to eat to lose some body fat while still trying to hold down a job, a family life, and enjoying your training.

Jason wanted to become ‘less puffy and more buffy’ in his own words because he felt he had let things slide as he had gotten older, busier, and started a family.

Plus, with his new passion in functional fitness, he wanted to look the part in the gym and also provide a great example to his growing children.

Before working with me, Jason had tried it all:

Paleo, intermittent fasting, he had even tried flexible dieting and counting calories, but he needed more direction.

In short, he needed me to tell him what to do and to hold him accountable.

Because that’s what stops so many of us isn’t it? The lack of accountability.

Through our time together Jason has leaned up and gained a much better relationship with food.

In his own words:

“I went from puffy to buffy, I am so pleased with the progress on my body comp, my overall strength and performance gains in the gym, so I want to just maintain where I am and focus on performance.

Yeah I could still lose a bit of body fat but mentally I’m not that bothered which is a massive positive as it’s the first time I’ve not had a body comp hang up for as long as I can remember”

It’s safe to say, Jason has smashed it.

He’s now enjoying a leaner, happier life and he hasn’t had to sacrifice time with his family, any of his work commitments, and he’s still been able to enjoy his training.

If you want to be like Jason, why not book a free consult with us today?


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